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Topspin’s Outdoor Volleyball League 2017

Topspin offers outdoor volleyball leagues (two sessions) starting in May going through to August.

When? Tuesday nights; 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm (or when it's dark)
Spring Dates:
May 2nd - June 20th (Make up day June 27th if needed)
Summer Dates: July 4th - August 22nd (Make up day August 29th if needed)

Where? Beckwith Park

Format? Co-ed 3s/4s. Sign up as a team of 3 or as a team of 4. Will one extra player make the difference? (1 female player must be on the court at all times during play)

How Much? 
Co-ed 3s: $180/team 
Co-ed 4s: $240/team

Single players: $60

Don’t Have a Full Team? If you don’t have enough players to form a team, let us know and we can see if there are other players that we can connect you with. It’s a great way to meet other volleyball players in Victoria!


If you have any questions or would like to register for an Outdoor League, please CONTACT US, or you can print the Registration Form and drop it off with payment to Courtside Sports located at 1136 Hillside Ave.

Outdoor Rules:

- No setting the serves, your hands must be touching together or overlapped.
- Players can set free-balls
- Players cannot set the ball over the net or to opponents.
- Jump serves allowed.
- Serve anywhere behind the baseline.
- No open hand tips, either ball goes off knuckle or roll shot.
- Net serves are in play.
- Play ball with any part of body.
- First contact coming over to your side may hit you multiple times if one motion (eg. ball boucing off your arms and then your face).
- Block doesn't count as first contact.
- May go under the net as long as you don't make contact with opponent or interfere with play.
- Please call your own net fouls. No touching any part of the net.

- If you step foot in an adjacent court before touching the ball, the play is dead/automatic side-out.
- Anyone can hit from anywhere, there's no rotation on court except you must follow same serving sequence.
- If there's a tie in score, team that won the point can decide to serve or receive for next point.
- Decide before the game starts if you would like to switch sides every 10 pts or every game due to sun/wind.
- Winners mark scores down, no scores marked = no points. 2 points full game 1 point partial game. Games that add up to 7 points will make a partial game.
- Games to 21 (cap 21).

- Guys are allowed to block girls.
- Must have at least 1 girl on the court at all times during play.
- Players can play any position. 


CLICK HERE for the Registration Form


All players participating in our leagues must sign a waiver. Players under the age of 18 years must have the waiver signed by a parent/guardian.
CLICK HERE for the Waiver Form



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