Topspin Volleyball Rules

Monday, May 13, 2024 - 13:17


Topspin Indoor Volleyball Rules

Be sure your team is there and ready to play on time. In response to your concerns we will institute the following. If one team is ready to go and waiting for the opposing team at the start time, the waiting team will get one point for each minute of delay, at the 8 minute/point mark the first game is forfeited to the waiting team. Please bring this to the attention of the gym coordinator when the timing begins.

- No touching the net, unless net is hit into you.
- Must use league balls provided, no personal balls.
- Setting serves and hits is allowed.
- Play ball with any part of body.
- First contact can be multiple hits.
- No playing ball on adjacent court (player must contact the ball before stepping foot in the adjacent court).
- Players subbing in during playoffs must be same level or lower than the person being replaced or else games are defaulted at the discretion of gym organizer.
- MUST have 6 players for playoffs, you may play with 5 with the ghost rule at the discretion of gym organizer.
- Should have 6 players on court, minimum 2 girls on the court. If you can't replace a player, you can play with 5 players (maximum of 4 guys). But 4 players or less is a default depending on gym organizer.
- Play as many games to 21 (cap 21).
- Records are based on points. 2 points for winning full game, 1 point for winning partial game. Games with scores that add up to 7 count. Scores are final at end of the night, if you forget to write scores down or they are backwards, it's YOUR FAULT!
*Clarification-When there are substitute teams filling in, their games do not count. Overall winning team moves up and losing team moves down a division.
- If there's a tie in score when whistle is blown, team that won the point can decide to serve or receive next point.
- Net serves are in play.
- Ball enters court, automatic re-serve.
- Call own fouls (honour system) and re-serve point if there's a misunderstanding or ask organizer.
- Team that receives serve at start of game must rotate after winning the rally, NO staying in same rotation.
- If your team can't make it to play, call Fuji ASAP. "No-show" teams will get dropped a pool. *Clarification-Your team will keep current spot if you contact us to let us know that your team can't make it for league play.
- Please do not bring glass water bottles to the gym. If you must bring a glass water bottle, you must keep the glass bottle in your bag.

- Anyone interested in being a spare for an early round or late round in same gym, let Fuji know so you can be on the spare list.

All players participating in any Topspin event are expected to conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike and respectful manner. Any abusive or inappropriate behavior or language towards any Topspin organizer or any other players will not be tolerated and will be dealt with accordingly.

Feel free to make suggestions on how to make the league better.